Fishing in the Kimberley


The Kimberley is one of Australia’s premier fishing destinations.

Home to the fabled Barramundi and a host of other tropical species

Kununurra is the gateway to fishing the Kimberley, and Northbound Charters will help you to experience the best in Kimberley fishing adventures. From freshwater adventures on Lake Kununurra to coastal exploring, we know where to go.

Fishing the Kimberley is varied as the waters hold a number of fantastic snags, rock bars and gutters ideal for cast and retrieve, bait fishing or trolling for a variety of species including Barramundi, Fingermark (Golden Snapper), Mangrove Jack, Threadfin Salmon, Blue Salmon and more.

At Northbound we work with the tides, the recent fishing activity, and the weather to give you the very best chance to land some superb fish.

Spend a full day fishing the remote waterways of the Kimberley. Offering so much more than just a fishing charter, the scenery in this area is stunning, rugged and raw. Sheer rock faces meet the vast water offering an ideal photo opportunity. The Kimberley is the home of big crocs, and while they usually lurk beneath the muddy waters, during the cooler months of June and July they can be spotted sunning themselves on the banks at low tide.

Those keen on tasting the succulent white meat of a green Kimberley mud crab can put away the rods for a couple of hours and try their luck at catching one of these prized delicacies. Even the hungriest fisherman will struggle to get through one good sized mud crab as their claws can grow to the size of your beer can. Offering lots of laughs and a chance to encounter a curious greedy crocodile, mud crabbing is a great Kimberley pastime.

Why choose Northbound Charters for your next fishing safari?

  • Small numbers. Max 4 guests . NB We may be able to cater to larger groups on request.
  • Fish with our experienced Kimberley fishing guides.
  • Your fishing vessel is fully surveyed offering a clean and comfortable experience for keen anglers.
  • Options available for custom fishing safaris.
  • Not just a fishing trip, get away from the world and enjoy epic Kimberley scenery and wildlife.

Northbound Charters also offers custom charters combining the opportunity to pair 1/2 day fishing with sightseeing and exploring some of the iconic East Kimberley attractions.

Tides and Ideal Fishing Times

The Kimberley is renowned for its rewarding fishing conditions and the salt water tidal Barra can be taught all year round. Unlike some other destinations it is still a fairly well-kept secret  and due to its remoteness you rarely have to share the waters with other boats.

Barramundi enthusiasts will prefer the warmer months of late August through to late May when the water temperature is higher and the Barramundi more active, however Barramundi can be caught all year round. Other species such as Fingermark, Threadfin Salmon, Mangrove Jack and others are on the bite throughout the year and are prized sportsfish as well as a beautiful table fish.

We prefer to fish the neap tides for water clarity when fishing in the saltwater. Tides  around the Cambridge Gulf can reach up to 8 metres of movement, so we tailor our fishing locations to maximise your fishing experience.

What’s Included?

Northbound Charters offer tailored fishing trips in the Kimberley WA

1/2 day, Full day and Custom options available

Tours Include

  • Full day guided fishing, exploring the abundant waters of the East Kimberley.
  • Lunch, cold water, soft drinks and snacks.
  • Top quality fishing tackle.
  • Fishing permits under our WA Fishing Tour Operator’s License.
  • Your catch filleted and bagged for you to take home in some locations.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellant.